For Government

Empower your government agency with Info Manager: Seamlessly automate workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and elevate operational efficiency for an enhanced employee experience.

Streamline Workflow Automation

Empower your organization, office, or individual department with Info Manager, facilitating seamless workflow automations to enhance operational efficiency, reinforce policies, and elevate the overall employee experience. Securely process all data through our workflows, presented in tailored reports for a comprehensive overview—all within the intuitive framework of Info Manager, perfectly aligned with the needs of government agencies.

Enhance Information Governance

Tailored for government agencies, our Information Governance suite enhances every stage of the document lifecycle. From streamlined records creation to seamless declaration processes and intuitive retention mechanisms, empower your organization to effortlessly comply with local, state, and federal guidelines. Ensure a regulatory-compliant approach to document management with FiT.

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Effortless Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance effortlessly with FiT, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of government agencies. Connect multiple data sources and integrate them into customized workflows, guaranteeing a secure audit trail for each transaction and providing transparent reporting to government administrators, streamlining regulatory compliance.

Revolutionize Efficiency with FiT Office

Revolutionize efficiency for government agencies with FiT Office, providing unparalleled access to streamlined operations. Easily manage and govern processes with bespoke solutions like Asset Tracking and Behavior Monitoring via IOS/Android applications. Elevate accountability, optimize mail deliveries, and track critical task management within a comprehensive system designed for enhanced access, management, and customization—making FiT Office the key to a more agile, accountable, and future-ready government practice.

Unlock Enhanced Business Intelligence

Unlock enhanced business intelligence for government agencies with FiT. By consolidating data sources into a single reporting module, our solution allows users to dynamically analyze data. Unlike traditional static reports, find, compare, and share actionable insights such as department and employee performance levels, offering government agencies a robust tool for intelligent decision-making.